Moisture Sensor Kit

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The Losant IoT Moisture Sensor Kit includes all of the hardware and software required to build an Internet-powered moisture sensor. Be instantly notified by text, email, Slack, or many others as soon as your plant needs water. Easily visualize the current and historical moisture level of your plants.

All Losant IoT Developer Kits come with detailed instructions that even novice DIYers can follow. Losant kits come with free access to the Losant IoT Developer Platform where you can extend, customize, and build your own solutions using these kits as a starting point.

The Losant IoT Moisture Sensor Kit includes the following components:

  • 1 NodeMcu Dev Kit with ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller
  • 1 moisture sensor
  • 1 LED
  • 2 male-to-male jump wires
  • 3 male-to-female jump wires
  • 1 resistor
  • 1 solderless breadboard
  • 1 USB cable